Baby Drypers Baby Drypers Baby Drypers

At Drypers, we share a unique relationship with parents. As parents ourselves, we understand all the unfiltered realities of parenthood. This is why we advocate authentic parenthood – the joys along with the challenges, the thrills with the spills. From all of life’s learnings, we develop products and solutions that fit your needs so that your job as parents becomes liberating in more ways than one. Your child can develop freely to his best potential, the family enjoys more spontaneity, and truly memorable moments are created together. Parenthood is an amazing journey that we’ll be taking with you every step of the way.

Baby Drypers

We offer a wide range of baby diapers that are made to fit your baby’s needs at every stage of growth, including both tape and pants diapers. All Drypers products undergo a stringent quality control and testing process, and must pass Vinda Malaysia’s rigorous Product Safety Acceptance tests. See our range here for your baby’s best fit.

Sustainability is our foundation

As a brand built on sustainability, we are committed to caring for babies and nature in everything we do. Drypers is the first diaper brand in Asia to have USDA-certified biobased products, which makes our products gentler for your baby and the world we live in. You can read more here.

Baby Drypers Baby Drypers
The Big Picture of VINDA GROUP

Vinda Malaysia is part of VINDA GROUP, one of the largest companies for hygiene products in Asia with over 10,000 employees. It is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of branded products, many of which are market leaders. These include baby diapers (Drypers), incontinence products (TENA and Dr. P adult diapers), feminine care products (Libresse), Vinda Deluxe, VIA, Tempo, Tork, Libero and Sealer. To meet the needs of an ever-changing consumer scene, Vinda Malaysia continually develops innovative product ranges with excellent quality offerings.

Baby Drypers Baby Drypers Baby Drypers Baby Drypers

The Group has its headquarters in Hong Kong and is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. SCA Group, a leading global company for hygiene products from Europe, is the majority shareholder of Vinda. For more information, visit Vinda.